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Der Onyx

White Onyx is a precious and rarely found stone that belongs to the family of quartz and marble stones.

White Onyx is a stone that can be used for solid structures. At the same time it is delicate enough so a multitude of elaborated shapes and forms can be carefully carved out. In fact, most of the work carried out is still handmade by skilled craftsmen.

White onyx is almost transparent and encapsulates very thin threads and fibers of varying tonalities providing it with rich and diverse textures. As such, every piece of White Onyx is unique given its individual nuances.

As a consequence, White Onyx lets light pass easily but adds a warm tone. The illumination of White Onyx lamps is a constant source of well-being as well as relaxation and creates a true wellness ambiente. It is perfectly suited for the highly representative business environment as well as for the exclusive home design.