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Spring arrivals 2011!

The new models just arrive! 
Our stones in the new harmonic flowing pattern evocs dramatically forms and shapes from mother nature. An incredible achivment from our stone artists team! 

Noble Metal

Obsidian - the metal of the Mayas 
Artehaus presents its new, exclusive Obsidian Edition. Sophisticated accessories made of black and golden Obsidian. Obsidian is a rare mineral and was vital for the development of the ancient civilization of the Mayas.    

As of December 2010

Artehaus in Berlin !!! 
Our collections: 
- 'White Onyx Lamps' and
- 'Accessories Edition' 
Are available in a exclusive setting in the German capital. 

August 2011

Artehaus in "Ornaris" Zürich
The most prestigious Fair in Switzerland for design innovations and trends.  We'll be gladly presenting our "ultimate" lighting sculptures as well as introducing new home accesories collections. Looking forward to welcoming you  

Arab Emirates

Artehaus in Dubai

Well established cooperation with the firm of architects from 'Onsite Trading' for joint projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.